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infoQuest Services for Privately Held Companies

Growing a business is difficult and complex. We help you simplify it. At infoQuest, we have found that the key to simplifying business is people. Our business advisory roles are focused on supplementing owners, helping them with proven strategies, experiences, and resources to aid in successful growth. In working with their executive staff, we provide executive coaching aimed at improving their effectiveness within your organization and their specific present and future roles. And when existing leadership is unavailable or falls short, we provide talent selection that refines your hiring process resulting in reduced turnover, and executive search services that fits your desired culture and business needs of today and tomorrow. By taking an eHarmony approach to search, we find people that not only can do the job, but will have positive chemistry within your team. The reality is that we spend more time with the people we work with versus our spouse or family members (sad but true). Shouldn’t you invest in finding people who are not only effective but you genuinely like?

Our work with privately-held companies span much of the company life cycle from business advisory for growth to developing their staff through executive search, coaching and leadership training, to succession planning or exit involving company preparation for sale. We add value so the business owner can create legacy and enjoy life.