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Family Owned Businesses

infoQuest Services for Family Owned Businesses

Every business has a personality and no business has a more important personality than that of a family owned business. Family owned businesses have to juggle two closely interwoven priorities: growing a successful company and maintaining the shared values that support its success. How do family owned businesses win? Communication, sensitivity, culturally aware personal, and impartial advice are the keys to growing a family owned business.


How we help family owned businesses:

  • Manage succession plans from one generation to the next
  • Recruiting for key employees that fit within the culture and personality of the family and business
  • Identify trusted advisors to help manage interests with impartial advice
  • Develop and communicate a plan for sharing rewards between family and non-family members
  • Outside advisory for unbiased feedback and advice
  • Coaching to help prepare the relatives for leadership