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Leadership & Organizational Development

Training the Next Generation of Leaders and Raising the Capacity of Teams

Every leader has a certain cap on capabilities without being developed, yet what it takes to successfully grow a company to $10 million may require different skill sets and experiences to grow it to $100 million, and likewise the capabilities to grow it to $100 million may not be enough to get it to $500 million. At infoQuest, we work with leaders and executive teams to build those core capabilities and expand impact, effectiveness, and organizational growth.

The best investment you can make is in your company’s leadership. This enables wiser and more successful decisions throughout the company. Countless testimonies from Fortune 500 CEOs have stated that when given a choice between a highly performing executive team with a mediocre business model and a mediocre executive team with a flawless business plan, they will always choose the right team with an okay plan. People matter, and they are the only asset that has the potential of growing in value rather than depreciating.


We deliver:

  • Personalized executive coaching that starts with knowledge: we measure 25 competencies that contribute to a leader’s potential, tailoring our coaching for the key needs of an organization
  • Group leadership development program, The Complete Leader, with a cohort of individuals from one company or comprised of individuals from across different companies
  • Our honed network offers additional service providers for hard skills and training, which means we have the most holistic, in-depth, and customizable executive coaching available for leaders in any industry
  • Strategic guidance for infrastructure expansion that is foundational for sustainable future growth
  • Client engagements that have applied these techniques has led up to triple digit growth or more with enhanced profitability

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