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Preparing Company for Sale

Critical Steps to Prepare Your Company for Sale

Business owners put blood, sweat, and tears into a company for years. Sometimes the company is passed down to a family member, and sometimes the right decision is to sell the company. In some ways, selling a company is similar to selling a home: certain tasks or items can be added to increase value, just like for a business. However, what it takes to add value to a business is much more complex. Most business owners have never sold a company, so it becomes a high-risk undertaking.

At infoQuest, we have helped business owners create exit strategies and, if appropriate, prepare the company for sale through maximum valuation. Most exit planners will tell you that 3 years is the ideal term to prepare company for sale. While we have certainly seen companies sell with less time, the more time available the higher end valuation possible. We also approach this process from a holistic perspective: we work within the business and with you as the business owner to identify next career or retirement steps.

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