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Not Finding Capable Candidates

Not Finding Enough Capable Candidates

Finding good people is hard. When times are good, unemployment is usually low, making it difficult to find qualified strong candidates. If someone is good at what they do, chances are they have already found a good position with a strong company. When times are bad, on the other hand, there might be more people looking for work, but number does not equal finding a good fit.

Our company’s slogan is,” With the right people, you can accomplish anything.” This statement is the culmination of our experiences, because the highest performing organizations have executive teams that are qualified in skill and experience and have a genuine liking for one another. We have found that most job searches overlook necessary components and assume that experience is the only measure needed. Through in-depth assessments and up-front involvement, we refine specifications for any given position to find someone who doesn’t just match a job description: they fit the key accountabilities and organizational culture to become strong leaders. We craft an “E Harmonized” approach to fit the job of the position, finding the best person for a job and for your business.  

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