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Recruiting Key Employees in San Diego

infoQuest is a retained search San Diego recruiter that finds the most qualified candidates to fill your critical positions. We take an eHarmony approach to match the right candidate to the job and company culture. Our in-depth CSI process digs deeper from the start and our success rate is why our clients return again and again.


Today San Diego organizations are struggling to find capable, competent talent. This places stress on leadership, recruiters, and human resources. infoQuest is your San Diego partner to fill critical positions with the most capable, well matched talent.


When filling San Diego positions we focus on top management, sales & marketing, and technical areas. We have experience building complete teams and helping organizations develop job benchmarks that define the key skills, accountabilities and weights of those accountabilities, success factors, and the stakeholders working with the position. The job benchmark becomes the standard used to identify the best match for the position and removes bias from the recruiting process.


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