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Pre-hire Assessments

Assess Potential Hires To Determine Cultural Fit

Curb Mis-Matched Talent with Pre-Hire Behavioral and Personality Assessments


Employees placed in a role that does not fit his or her personality and behavior style leads to lower engagement. Low employee engagement results in 21% lower productivity and about 45% higher turnover. Replacing employees is extremely costly, typically costing about 1.5 times the worker’s salary and benefits – this cost only increases with seniority.


Everyone agrees that finding good people is hard. It is also commonly known that the average cost of turnover is 1.5X their salary. The higher the position, the higher the multiplier realized in the form of the replacement search costs, lost training investment, operational loss of efficiencies, customer impact, etc.


We help organizations hire the RIGHT people the first time. Our suite of pre-hire assessments enable us to:

  • Define WHO/the characteristics of the RIGHT person for the job. This includes not only the qualifications and experiences, but also the skills, personality traits, values that result in a great synergistic and chemistry fit within the team (think eHarmony for business). 
  • Characterize and select amongst a pool of seemingly qualified candidates which fit the best. Too often we see companies hire people who may have been referred by someone within the company, an acquaintance, or someone based on a few hours of interviewing and personally liking them.
  • Take the guesswork out of by leveraging the sciences behind out assessments.

Let Us Help You Hire Better, Higher Right.

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