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Intergenerational Integration

Helping Organizations Integrate Generations, Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency

Four generations coexist in today’s workplace, each generating their own unique approaches, strengths, and weaknesses. Where there is difference, there will always be conflict, and conflict between generations (like Millennials versus Baby Boomers) has already created extensive issues in recruitment, retention, engagement, and development. Our findings show that intergenerational interaction isn’t just a splinter than can be pulled out or ignored; a healthy company with fully integrated generations has massive advantages in creativity, synergy, productivity, turnover, leadership development, adaptability, and measurable growth. Our firm represents this intergenerational experience amongst our members, and we have developed powerful strategies to create leaders that can unlock generational synergies in your company. 


In a workplace this diverse, solutions must be suitably varied to produce the greatest impact. Some of these solutions include:

  • In-depth assessments to:
    • Ensure that generational stereotypes are replaced with individual understanding
    • Identify potential areas for growth
  • Recruitment and Retention strategies to reduce turnover and create powerful leaders
  • Workshops to increase understanding and reduce conflict across a company
  • Individual coaching to enable managers to become change agents for culture and leadership within a company
  • Customizable development programs to address intergenerational conflict
  • Transition planning and coaching for older generations that are nervous about upcoming leaders taking their place

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