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Good communication is necessary for strong leadership, and it is not easy, simple, or effortless. Patrick Lencioni focused on the need for good communication in his recent book The Advantage, and even Malcolm Gladwell chose to study the particulars of instantaneous “nonverbal” communication is his newest work, Blink. A recent Gallup poll of 750 of the top American Businesses even indicated that, when considering new hires, the ability to communicate and present effectively in small groups or in public was ranked as a more useful skill than having an MBA. Yet hundreds of leaders assume they know what presentation or communication entails, and as result develop habits that disrupt the organization, alienate subordinates, lose sales, and create unnecessary conflicts.


Here are some of the top areas that our coaching focuses on:

  • Public addresses
  • In-house conflict resolution
  • Merger or acquisition presentations
  • Sales pitch presentations
  • Organizational Culture Shaping
  • Employee Engagement
  • High-Level Interviews
  • Top Leadership Development


Our coaching utilizes multiple customized, verifiable, and results-based approaches including:

  • Benchmark diagnostics for all communication-related issues to identify areas for improvement
  • One-on-one executive coaching to develop impactful leadership
  • Interactive workshop training for managers and employees to improve sales and employee engagement
  • Long-term strategies for culture change via internal communication
  • Tailored interview and presentation coaching to improve sales or acquire positions
  • Public relations approaches for improving business growth
  • Holistic solutions for crisis management

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