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Executive Coaching

Coaches help raise the performance level of an individual or team through getting in the trenches with them and helping them to identify opportunities. A coach is a confidante able to provide unbiased feedback, encouragement, and accountability. “It’s lonely at the top” is a familiar axiom that has its greatest application in corporate and business settings where professionals often feel uncomfortable discussing their challenges openly due to the lack of qualified counterparts or privacy concerns.

In some of our coaching relationships, a CEO or business owner will hire us directly to help them during a season or spanning a period of strategic growth. In other engagements an organization will seek a coach for one of their up and coming executives in preparation for a promotion or to assist them in development. In either case the role of a coach is not a counselor or crutch. Seeking a coach demonstrates self-awareness and aspiration for rising to the next level.


The infoQuest Difference

Our approach to coaching is centered on delivering value and impact. As part of our arsenal we often use multi-science behavioral and personality assessments to establish a baseline at the start of a coaching engagement. Results from the assessment fast-track the relationship moving communication from “getting to know you” to “let’s discuss where you want to head from here”, a powerful kickstart that is unique compared to most executive coaches.

Another key differentiator is the team of coaches we have built at infoQuest. We match our clients to the coach who best suits their profile. Our coaches range from past CEO’s and senior leadership at Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs and family-owned business leaders, millennial coaches, and coaches focused on life outside of work. This depth of bench is unique and allows us to provide the right match to partner with you.


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