Certification in Human Behavior and Personality Assessments infoQuest

Certification in Human Behavior and Personality Assessments

Unlock Human Potential using Behavior and Personality Assessments

Human resource and talent management professionals indicate that using behavior and personality assessments for selection, development, and coaching is the key to unlocking potential. However, traditional single-science approaches categorize people into one-dimensional categories that do not represent the complexity of a person.


Multi-science assessments offered by infoQuest integrate several personality and behavior measurements into a single report for a more accurate, multi-dimensional representation of the individual. More information on the assessments we offer is available here.


We offer organizations Assessment Service where our team administers assessments, delivers results, and debriefs the results to the individual, team, or management. By request from our clients we have begun offering certification programs that train and equip professionals to use the assessments independently.

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