Who is infoQuest? infoQuest Consulting

Who is infoQuest?

Learn About infoQuest and How We Impact People & Organizations

infoQuest is focused on people and organizations. We want to to unleash human potential and raise leadership capacity.

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations helping them reach their potential and achieve greater impact. 


From our office in Southern California our team serves clients across the west coast with a portfolio of services that positively impact organizations and individuals. For close to 20 years, the firm has worked with businesses to bring advisory and consulting services to leadership teams. Over the years our service offering has grown to spread wider and deeper into organizations and creating greater impact. We believe that with the right people, you can accomplish anything. Everything we do is focused on bringing the right people into an organization or training the existing team members to help organizations reach their objectives and reach a higher level of organizational health.  


Bill Tom

Managing Partner, Founder

Joshua Walters

Vice President, Strategy

Linda Nakayama

Change Management Lead

Rebekah Lee

Practice and Assessment Manager

Sean Hansen

Communication Coach

Bob Baker

Sr. Consultant, Talent Strategy

Ron Feher

Management Coach

Ron Price

Organization and Leadership Advisor

Cyrus Kennedy

Human Performance Advisor

Joe Keshmiri

Organizational Impact Advisor